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Wozityou is a great way to connect with people around you. To chat, make new friends and share interests. See who's in the same place as you. Or simply chat to someone new. Download wozityou now. The ground up to make social discovery easier and more fun. Stackable profile discovery cards that will let you find and connect to new people around you. You want to connect to. Easy. Their card right to send and icebreaker. Send a 6 second video or a doodle to your new connection and if that user also wants to connect with you, all they have to do is reply. Easy as that. Connected you can chat, send doodles and even videos with each other, forever, for free. Allows you to incorporate your address book to enable the sending of doodles and videos to anyone. Better is that using your contacts, you can identify anyone who you know on the app and start chatting instantly. Screen has been designed around you. Up to 4 images to be featured on your profile either uploaded from Facebook or your phone's gallery. To your potential connections. Introduces a video based profile page, for those that feel that pictures don't do you justice. Simple images and upload a 6 second video about yourself. Picture is worth a thousand words, our videos are worth millions. Been designed to introduce fun with your new connections. Text messages, we also allow video chat and doodle chat. Have one million and one ways to be social. Free to join and use. Gps, 3g and wi fi to determine where you are so you have the ability to find new people around you at any time.
  • sakshi123
    2 yrs ago  - Nokia N95
  • Omkar Waghre
    5 yrs ago  - RIM BlackBerry 8520
    Good Social app...

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