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One Piece: The Top War, this cool gaming app here gives you an opportunity to get the feel of the most famous anime series, one piece, so don't wait, hit the download link now and start the adventure that you'll never forget, enjoy.


Lead the sailors to fight for GLORY! Become the one and only KING of pirate in New World D.! PLAY FOR FREE in this warm-blooded Anime based + strategy Card game. Design your own lineup with the fearless characters in the sea – elite Snipers, invincible Fighters, lethal Swordsmen, and more!
Set sail NOW for the Adventure of a Lifetime, for dream and freedom!
-FREE TO PLAY – The real free to play game means you have the chance to get the BEST cards, equipment, or lineup! It’s all depends on your strategy and skills!
-EPIC BATTLE SCENE – Fight and conquer like in the real anime!
-8 MAJOR CAREERS – Gather heroes from all 8 major careers. Command with distinctive abilities – from invincible Fighter to elite Sniper! Can you gather them all?
-TRAIN YOUR SAILORS – Upgrade, Advance, and Match your sailors with immersive upgrade system to build the strongest team on the sea!
-CUSTOMIZE YOUR LINEUP – Design your own unique lineup to break through the defense of your enemy!
-BATTLE OTHER PLAYERS – Fight with millions of players from worldwide for honor, glory, dream and freedom!
-ADVENTUROUS STORYLINE – Unravel the mystery of the sea and the great fortune. Write your own epic story of becoming the King!
-JOIN MIGHTY GUILD – Unite, Organize and Conquer with your Guild!

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