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TOSS is a new communication messenger, delivering various user icons (photos, videos, music, voice, and even stickers!) on the top screen of your friends phone. No matter what you are doing, such as browsing the Internet or playing a game, the icon from your friends will fall onto your screen. If so, do not be embarrassed! Just TOSS the received icon, and you will see the contents of the message. TOSS Main Functions: 1. Sending Multi media Contents, Sending Music: You can send the latest songs provided by KT Music to your friends. The form of the songs will be pre listening), Sending Video: Send the video files you have (file capacity is 150M). The received files can be saved and played at all time after minimizing them on the screen, Sending Voice Recording: Record your voice and send it immediately! Stickers: Send pretty stickers, Gif stickers using TOSS! Wallpaper: Send wallpaper of the types of photos, slides, video backgrounds.


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