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Stupid zombies Stupid Zombies is a straightforward shooter games, it continues the previous concept, in the game, players can fire bullets directly to the zombie; also can in firing position inconvenience case, the use of their own wisdom, hitting objects by physical impact, indirectly killed zombies. The game total of 300 brand new levels, Come and challenge your wisdom.


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  • Christian Gray

    5 mths ago

    I have always enjoyed playing zombie games, and I must say stupid Zombies and Tapslayer: Alice in zombieland are my favorites! I love Tapslayer because of the cool weapons I could upgrade to kill more zombies. Great job guys!

  • Gabriel Christopher Andrada

    5 mths ago

    I am in love with mobile games as long as there are zombies involved. LOL That's why I really love Stupid Zombies and Tapslayer: Alice in Zombieland!! I get to kill lots and lots of zombies using different weapons and characters. Awesome!