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  • Download Onemail free app for android
  • Download Onemail free app for android
  • Download Onemail free app for android
  • Download Onemail free app for android


Manage various e-mail accounts in one place. Use this one app for all of the major e-mail service providers: Google Mail, MSN Live Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail. It now also supports disposable e-mail address mailbox through TempMail and YOPmail. This app is really five apps in one. It allows you to easily and quickly switch between Gmail, Hotmail, TempMail, Yahoo! Mail, and YOPmail mobile web sites at your will. You can stay logged in to each of the five separate services and switch when necessary, which allows you to manage 5 individual accounts. Get both the Premium and Ad-Support version of OneMail to manage 10 accounts at once! Your mails are kept at the remote server without being synchronized and downloaded to your phone all the time. This saves battery life and storage space on your phone. Another benefit is that you will not be disturbed with notification messages. You can check your e-mail at your leisure, rather than being constantly pinged by notifications. Menu Options: Sites - Lets you quickly switch between Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo! Mail. The app remembers your selection. The next time it is launched, it automatically loads your most recent selection. Refresh - Reloads the current page. Find - Search for text passage on the current page. Select Text - Select text to copy to clipboard. Copied text can be pasted into other Android apps. This menu option is available on Android 2.3 and prior. On Android 4.1, long tap on a word to select and copy text. About - Display information about this app, such as the version number. Quit - Shuts down this app completely.


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  • Alan John

    3 yrs ago  - Samsung GT-I5801

    Its an amazing application for users..really worth trying it.

  • vschneider95

    3 yrs ago  - Nokia N73

    I have tried this app and found it very interesting.