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With My Android Protection your device will stay safe from malware and viruses that can steal your information or cost you money. You will have an overview on your mobile privacy, and you can always see applications that have access to your data, some can send messages and some can even see and follow your position. If you can't find your phone, we will help you locate it quickly using any phone. If someone else finds it, we will help that person bring your phone back to you. If it's a bad guy, you can both lock your device and delete all your data to ensure your personal pictures and information such as messages, bank data etc. My Android Protection features malware and virus protection, real time monitoring, fast and full scan, and scheduled scanning. Update of virus database, so you always have the latest protection. Custom scans where you can select in detail what to scan, anti theft feature so that you can find your phone if its lost and your data remains safe inside your phone. The app has many such features, download it now.


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  • Rohitmob Rohitmob

    3 wks ago  - Google Nexus 5

    super cool

  • Sohel Golwala

    3 wks ago  - Samsung GT-S7270

    gr8 app