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Migraine sufferers usually have extensive note taking whenever migraine strikes so that they can bring them to their doctors for discussion and trying to find the reason why it struck them. This app does not aim to do that. What this app is to complement the note taking process. That is, when migraine strikes, a picture of a head anatomy is tagged with label and color on which part of your head it hurts. To use, tap Select picture to pick a picture from your Gallery and then tap Generate. Once picture loads, tap Menu > Caption to write say the date. Tap Menu > Write to start shade the area of your head that is throbbing. Tap Menu > Save to save the picture. Repeat again when the next migraine strikes. So over a period of time, you have a lot of pictures showing the pain on different or same part of your head. Is there a pattern etc. Hopefully with these pictures and your notes taken during migraine, this provides more information to the doctor for diagnosis. The application support English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese display.


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