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The default stock alarm in our smart phone provides us a way to schedule alarm at exact date/time. However there will be some time when we want a fixed time interval reminder over a relatively long time span. instead. E.g your everyday work requires you to use the computer for long period. You can set the interval reminder to ring every 20 minutes to inform you to take a break and rest your eyes. Or you are going to drive for hours, then you can set the interval reminder to ring every 30 minutes to wake you in case you doze off at the wheel. Or any other test cases which require fixed interval reminder. For test cases that you need to be informed in terms of hours instead of minutes say take medicine time at different hours of the day, the default stock alarm should suffice so this app does not attempt to compete with that. To configure, set Start Time, End Time, fixed time interval (minutes) to occur, repeating, ringtone for the alarm. Important points to note: Set screen timeout to be longer so the ringtone can play longer to get your attention, Disable any screen lock because it may prevent the app from waking the smart phone up to play the ringtone, With 15 minutes to test the app, try not to input very close fixed time interval. This is to prevent overwhelming Alarm Manager in double quick succession and also allow the ringtone resources to be released in time for the next scheduled alarm.


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