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Are you still a highschool student? Do you still cherish your highschool life? You must forget your time to step into your highschool, you must want to revisit it again -- the first day of your new school life, the first meet with your friends, maybe your roommate, the first talk with your teacher.........many many fisrt time, let's review it togeher!


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  • jontyferns

    2 yrs ago

    Finished the game! You have to play this, best addicting game i've ever played on the market! Please make more like this.

  • saurabh04

    2 yrs ago

    I so recommend it Honestly I thought this app was like those sims games but its really cool. The storyline is your typical drama movie one where the guy gets the girl & she becomes miss popular & all the dramatic scenes in between, but instead of watching it, your experiencing it, & honestly this ''app totally rocks. I soooo recommend you to install :-) lets get a part 2 now :-D