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Watch the moving water ripples as they move in real motion time, for you to enjoy for hours. See the beautiful goldfish underneath the real water as if you are looking into the sea with your own eyes. Goldfish In Your Phone LWP is sure to impress! This is the most accurate depictions of movement of water. Tap the phone with your finger to create the ripple effect of water moving on your phone. It does not get any more real than this. You will quite simply never use another screen save again. This is sure to amaze! You will be amazed by the super high quality water moving with a live ripple effect in the goldfish tank. A natural feel that will blow you away. You can Choose between ripple sizes, Choose Ripple Speed settings, Choose Ripple Duration. You can even choose Image quality. This is simply the very best quality deep sea live ripple wallpaper you will ever see. Install for free today. We hope you enjoy this wonderful high quality soundboard application as much as we did making it for you! Please don't hesitate to notify us if you have any questions. Please save this application onto your phone as we will be upgrading this application on a monthly basis with new sounds and photos.


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  • johnsmith

    1 yr ago  - 35Phone Q4350

    Goldfish In Your Phone LWP, A nice fun experience! A good game to play..

  • saurabh04

    2 yrs ago

    My favourite LWP! This wallpaper is something that is totally new for me. I am in love with the goldfish. This is so beautiful.