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This app is to serve some people who need an efficient way to collect very basic contact information from a lot of users in a given time span. Their contact information are not to be saved into the Contacts app. Usually such information could be a list of users email you want to add to a mailing list which you maintain offline. In outdoor events, some users have very illegible hand writing on the paper you gave them that makes it hard to put into your mailing list later on. By having the app store their keyed in information, you save a lot of headache. Since it is a basic contact information, the screen is simple. A mandatory name and optional email and mobile number. Tap Add and that's it. That is the very basic information required. This also makes the whole process quick. Once the event is ended, tap Menu > Export to export all those users information to a csv file. You can then do some fine tuning further like invalid email address etc.


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